Tennis / Golf Elbow Support with Silicone Pressure pad

Tennis / Golf Elbow Support with Silicone Pressure pad

Sole Control

  • £12.95

The main cause of Tennis Elbow is over use of the common ex tensor tendon, If the muscles and tendons are strained, tiny tears and inflammation can develop near the bony lump (the lateral epicondyle) on the outside of the elbow.

Therefore the condition is common in those who frequently play racket sports, gold and those who need to repeatedly move their elbows at work.

Sufferers will notice pain on the outside of their arm just below the elbow, or when gripping small items and may struggle to fully straighten their arm.

Wearing this strap can help prevent or ease the pain and discomfort associated with this condition.

This neoprene support offers a completely adjustable wrap around design, with easy to adjust hook and loop counter tug system, plush lining and targeted pressure pad to place pressure on the tendon.