Active Orthotics Hinged Knee Supports Wrap Around Design, Open Patella

Sole Control

  • £14.95

  • Designed to treat: severe knee injuries, patella tendonitis, lateral and medial injuries to the ligament or cartilage, unstable medial or lateral ligaments, post surgical rehabilitation.
  • A wrap around (ideal for patients who would struggle to bend to feet) open knee / patella support made from multi- directional stretch neoprene with two adjustable Velcro fastenings which can be tightened to ensure individual fit and support, ensuring stabilisation during activities.
  • The hinge system is hidden in a neoprene pocket to ensure maximum comfort whilst providing both lateral and medial support, within a full a full range of movement of the patella track.
  • Neoprene material helps maintain heat, accelerating blood flow thus helping the healing process.
  • Supportive medial and lateral hinges offer a full range of movement and provide support to the knee joint during exercise or when recovering from injury.
  • The extra-soft patella buttress protects and stabilises the knee cap, helping to prevent displacement, while the open patella allows the skin to breathe and prevents un-necessary pressure being applied to the knee cap itself.
  • The open are at the back of the knee cap, allows the skin to breathe, and prevents irritation , and prevents irritation.
  • A Medical-Grade Device: Registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency UK as a Class 1 Medical Device.